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About Cohda Wireless

Creating the world’s leading standard since 2004.

Connected Autonomous Vehicles are poised to transform our cities and highways, improving safety and reducing congestion and emissions.

Since 2004, Cohda Wireless has led the way in CAV technology, with proven applications for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians that will make our streets safer, smarter and greener.

Our innovative software solutions connect vehicles to each other and to smart city infrastructure, enabling accurate vehicle positioning, and cooperative collision avoidance and congestion reduction. Cohda Wireless technology allows vehicles to see around corners, know where they are without GPS, and interact with traffic infrastructure seamlessly in real time.

Our cooperative perception solutions span:

  • Vehicle-to Vehicle (V2V);
  • Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I);
  • Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P).


Collectively known as V2X, this technology allows vehicles to communicate with each other and with fixed roadside infrastructure, as well as vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. Cohda’s V2X solutions solve problems that can’t be solved by in-car technology alone — connectivity is the key.

With Cohda V2X, vehicles can know their position to sub-metre accuracy, even in urban canyons or multi-level carparks where GPS doesn’t work. Cars can “see” around corners and through rain, snow and fog by sharing data with other vehicles and roadside infrastructure, without arrays of expensive sensors. Vehicles and traffic signals can communicate to reduce wasteful congestion.

Cohda Wireless is a world leader in this emerging field, setting the benchmark for tomorrow’s transportation with proven applications. We’ve been involved in vehicle trials since 2006, and now 60 % of global V2X trials use Cohda Wireless technology.

Cohda isn’t a think tank or research institute, we’re an established business with a global presence, strategic engagement and a strong position, even before the V2X market really takes off. Our patent portfolio includes more than 50 patents granted, with that many again in process. We are the only supplier of V2X with solutions already in production, and to date have more than 600 customers worldwide.

Deployments of Cohda’s technology have included the world’s first production vehicles, tough underground mining environments, major commuting projects, pioneering truck platooning initiatives and smart city programs to combat congestion.

Road accidents are a major cause of death and injury, and congestion is a massive drain on economies around the world. CAVs can address these problems, but to achieve the full benefit of this technology, it must be affordable and ubiquitous. Therefore, our focus is on low cost sensor fusion and threat detection products that have the potential to disrupt the sensor market and accelerate acceptance of connected autonomous vehicles.

When it comes to CAV and integrated transportation, no other company has the depth of experience or the breadth of endeavour. At Cohda, we aren’t dreaming about some far-off future, we’re creating it here and now.