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CAV Apps

The Connected Autonomous Vehicle revolution has already begun. The US Department of Transport published its V2V NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking) in 2016, and the European Commission has adopted a European Strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, officially ushering in the CAV era.

CAVs have the potential to make transportation safer, smarter and greener. Connectivity is the key to unlocking that potential, and Cohda is leading the way.

Our mature suite of CAV-specific applications have solved critical CAV issues including localisation, sensor fidelity and system cost. Our next generation of CAV application layer software provides car manufacturers with furthe solutions, such as improving driving environment monitoring through V2X radar, optimising traffic efficiency through cooperative cruise control, improving driving tasks through accurate positioning, and developing better performance data collection.

Our ever-expanding suite of applications target:

  • Driving environment monitoring;
  • Conducting driving tasks;
  • Optimising traffic efficiency;
  • Monitoring safety incidents;
  • Monitoring roadworks;
  • Collecting performance data.

Cohda’s applications include world-firsts for the CAV sector, including vehicle localisation that achieves sub-metre accuracy working on existing Wi-Fi or DSRC infrastructure, and a passive radar system that uses Wi-Fi or DSRC signals to sense the environment.

Click here to download the CAV product brief sheet

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