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Cohda Wireless

Connected Autonomous Vehicles are poised to transform our cities and highways, improving safety and reducing congestion and emissions.  Since 2004, Cohda Wireless has led the way in CAV technology, with proven applications for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians that will make our streets safer, smarter and greener. Our innovative software solutions connect vehicles to each other and to smart city infrastructure, enabling accurate vehicle positioning, and cooperative collision avoidance and congestion reduction. Cohda Wireless technology allows vehicles to see around corners, know where they are without GPS, and interact with traffic infrastructure seamlessly in real time.

Cohda’s mission is to make transportation safer and more enjoyable for all road users, with less impact on the environment.  And we pursue this mission in four market segments: Automotive, Smart Cities, Mining, and Autonomous Vehicles.


Current Opportunities:

Sales Director Europe

Job Purpose

Position Overview

We require a stronger presence in the Europe in response to the V2X market growth and the expansion of our customer projects. An experienced candidate with a track record of success in selling to automotive customers has the opportunity to contribute to our growth. Specifically, we require a leader to increase our presence with important customers and to provide local support by being highly responsive to European based customers by addressing program and technical issues.

Meeting revenue targets for the Trial Market and achieving design wins in the Deployment Market will be the primary focus of the role. The European office was established in 2014, and this position will also involve running the office, leading the office staff to further include Sales and Field Application Engineers, and being responsible for the administration of the office.

Major Responsibilities

The Business and Sales Lead is expected to lead business, marketing and sales activities in the European market.  As vehicle OEMs progress towards deployment a key part of the role will be to achieve design wins in this space.  Likewise, as road operators deploy infrastructure the role will involve achieving design wins in this space also. 

Until such time as revenues commence from the Deployment Market, revenue from the Trial Market will continue to be important.  The Business and Sales Lead will be responsible for achieving these revenues in the European market.

While marketing will be led from the international home office, the Business and Sales Lead will be responsible for the identification of potential Marketing Events in the Europe, and for the organization of our involvement in such events.

Finally, the Business and Sales Lead will be responsible for the administration of the European Office.  Initially the office will consist of the Business and Sales Lead and the FAE, responsible for supporting European customers. 

To read the full job description, please click here: Sales Director Europe

We encourage you to apply for posted and advertised positions in our company, for which you qualify

For all enquiries please email: jobs@cohdawireless.com