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Our head-office in Adelaide is literally buzzing!

Our large team of engineers seem to be in constant meetings going over all sorts of diagrams, plans and calculations and there is a definite spring in their step.

So what has got our engineers so excited?

In June this year, we took ownership of two specially-modified vehicles from the USA.  These cars are fitted with the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), ROS (Robot Operating System) various sensors including Lidar, Radar, cameras, GPS as well as in-vehicle compute platform and Cohda’s own GNSS-independent positioning technology.

Cohda will be deploying these highly advanced vehicles in a live demonstration of our world-leading connected autonomous vehicle technology in October this year.  The goal of the demonstration is to show the world the potential for our technology to make our streets much safer with connected autonomous vehicles.   Our engineers know that this is technology that could save lives and they are counting down the days!

The setting is very relevant.  We will demonstrate our technology in that most challenging of environments – in the ‘urban canyons’ of a typical city.  In this case, our home city of Adelaide!

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A Smart Demo in the Making

There is a smart demo in the making.  Cohda Wireless is working on something exciting.  Watch this space!