Cohda’s C-V2X system compliant and ready for the Chinese market

Ahead of the 4th International Driverless Vehicle Summit, Australia & New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative partner Cohda Wireless is applying its technology to develop an advanced truck platooning solution.

Cohda demonstrated its compatibility last week at the conformance testing round held prior to the new International Mobile Telecommunications-2020 (IMT2020 (5G) standard.

The ENSEMBLE software allows trucks to drive autonomously in a platoon incorporating gap management of five metres at 95 kilometres per hour, it also allows trucks to join and leave the platoon without disrupting the system, among other benefits.

Dr Paul Alexander, Chief Technical Officer at Cohda Wireless, said that his company is fast-tracking the development of the platooning solution, which is in several ways, unique.

“We are developing a robust solution that can accommodate departures and intruders,” Dr. Alexander said.

Dr. Alexander will present this year at the 4th International Driverless Vehicle Summit in Sydney.

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