White Papers

Cohda technology demonstrates potential to make a collision avoidable in all 12 vehicle-to-vehicle safety scenarios.

DSRC Field Trials

These results confirm Cohda technology provides superior results across simultaneous multipath and mobility challenges, and superior data exchange and connectivity versus generic competitor Wi-Fi Chip products.

Featuring advanced receive side signal processing while remaining 100% compliant to the IEEE 802.11p standard, Cohda technology provides robust wireless communications in mobile outdoor urban environments.

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Mobility and Multipath – Challenges for DSRC
Cohda technology has been custom designed and engineered to perform in real-world driving conditions; completing more than 300 DSRC field trials for 15 distinct DSRC use-case scenarios in the USA, Italy and Australia. Conducted on public roads, these trials covered over 3000 km, during which 40GB of random data was transmitted. 

Proven robust under conditions of simultaneous multipath and mobility, Cohda technology provides improved receiver sensitivity and increased tolerance to interference 

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