The Cohda Difference

The complete solution from the ground up, Cohda is the world's most advanced and most experienced V2X provider


Cohda Wireless was founded in 2004, and in 2006 Cohda conducted its first V2X trials using the first generation MK1 radio.  Today Cohda is focussed solely on the V2X market, and has now developed five generations of V2X radio modules. Since that first V2X trial in 2006 Cohda engineers have personally conducted over 18,000 kilometres of V2X field trials, and Cohda equipment has been involved in countless thousands of kilometres by third parties.

Cohda’s engagement in V2X trials is second-to-none. Cohda V2X products dominate field trails and deployments, with more than 60% of vehicles involved in V2X trials globally incorporating Cohda products, and have undergone one million vehicle-days of testing as a result.

Complete Solutions
Cohda is the only company to offer complete V2X solutions – Road Side, On Board, and Radio Module hardware products, and software stacks from that Access Layer to the Applications Layer. This allows Cohda to maximize revenue share in V2X products.

Cohda is also one of very few companies active in both European and US key markets, as well as being active in the emerging Asian V2X markets of Japan, Korea and China. Cohda has sold products in more than 15 countries.