Standards Development

Setting and validating standards in the industry

Cohda is committed to providing our customers with products compliant to their spectrum of market requirements. Cohda and its staff are members of the leading global standards organisations ETSI, IEEE, ISO, SAE, Car-2-Car Communications Consortium.

We have also been central to the large field trials executed to validate the standards over the last few years such as simTD in Europe and the Safety Pilot in the USA. Supporting this commitment, Cohda has attended all of global Plugtests. There have been three ETSI Plugtests to date. Cohda has attended them all. Cohda also participated in the CAMP interoperability testing, validating its IEEE 1609 stack.
Cohda has been an active supporter of the standards efforts around minimum performance requirements of the Radio layer. As a result of this work, at the most recent ETSI PlugTest, vendors were able to test their equipment against a set of radio channels that model the mobile outdoor environment seen in ITS use cases. This testing is critical to ensure that safety applications, which rely on timely delivery of messages from other vehicles, can operate with their timing constraints. A sequence of missed messages can render a remote vehicle "invisible". There are ongoing activities in many of the standards bodies to define test procedures to ensure adequate performance levels at the radio level. Naturally, security, network and applications compliance is also important and Cohda is participating across this broad set of activities.