Cohda has a culture of research focussed on next generation products, new feature sets and disruptive technologies

Cohda was founded in 2004 on a differentiated wireless technology offering and has continued to strengthen its innovation capability ever since. In order to provide its customers with leading solutions Cohda has always maintained a dedicated group of researchers focussed on next generation products, new feature sets for existing products and disruptive technologies.  In Cohda's early years the majority of Cohda's engineering force had PhDs.

Cohda has more than 20 granted patents across a broad range of the V2X system. There are a further 50 patents pending is several countries.  All of Cohda's applications have been granted, an impressive track record given that the USPTO reports that about 50% of all patent applications result in successful grants.

Historically a constant theme has been the flexible provision of a reliable wireless link between vehicles and with road-side infrastructure. Cohda is the acknowledged leader in this domain and the research pipeline is building on this foundation. Our customers can expect our continued efforts to provide them with further enhanced features as V2X goes to market and beyond.