Let Cohda develop V2X for you or train you to develop

Cohda offers to conduct a week long V2X training course, which covers an introduction to V2X and hands-on development of V2X applications.  The training can be conducted at Cohda or at your premises.

Many companies looking to develop V2X products rapidly turn to Cohda for assistance.  Our V2X experience is second to none, and will both speed and de-risk a development.  Cohda has helped customers with targeted R&D, bespoke hardware development, BSP development, and even applications development.  We would be happy to discuss a solution to your problem.

Field testing

Cohda engineers have conducted over 18,000 kilometres of field trials, and have developed sophisticated tools for the execution and analysis of trials.  If you need V2X field trials executed then we would be happy to discuss how Cohda can be of assistance.