Mature products; ready to use

On Board Units from Cohda Wireless, like the MK5-OBU, are mature products, ready to be used in large scale field trials, aftermarket deployments, or serve as a reference design for automotive production. It is a small, low cost module, and incorporates dual IEEE 802.11 radios, a powerful processor running V2X software stacks and applications, a GNSS positioning system providing lane-level accuracy, and V2X security with hardware acceleration and tamper-proof key storage.

The MK5 is based upon the automotive-grade RoadLink™ chipset developed by NXP/Cohda, and has unmatched radio performance in harsh outdoor, mobile environments, particularly in critical safety use-case scenarios.



Cohda Wireless also offers a Road Side Unit version of the MK5.  The MK5-RSU has the same basic functionality as the MK5-OBU, but comes in a NEMA4 weather-proof enclosure with integrated antennas and a pole mounting kit.  With dual antennas to maximize range and coverage, the MK5-RSU can cover all the approaches to an intersection with just a single, self-contained unit.  It is available in both mains and PoE power options.


NXP/Cohda Chip Set Solution
Cohda is collaborating with NXP to provide high performance, V2X optimized 802.11/PHY/MAC solutions instantiated in an NXP automotive-grade software defined radio chip.  In this collaboration, Cohda will supply the firmware and NXP will supply the chips.  Please contact NXP www.nxp.com for chip related services and support.