Next Generation Safety

Vehicles that sense and communicate providing actionable information

Highway crashes will be dramatically reduced when vehicles can sense and communicate the events and hazards around them.  Research conducted by the USDOT found that V2X has the potential to affect up to 81 percent of unimpaired crash types.

Mobility will be improved when drivers, transit riders, and freight managers have access to substantially more up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive information on travel conditions and options; and when system operators, including roadway agencies, public transportation providers, and port and terminal operators, have actionable information and the tools to affect the performance of the transportation system in real-time.

Environmental impacts of vehicles and travel can be reduced when travellers can make informed decisions about modes and routes and when vehicles can communicate with the infrastructure to enhance fuel efficiency by avoiding unnecessary stops.

V2X can also be viewed as a wireless sensor, and it is the only sensor capable of extending the horizon beyond that of human sensors.  As such V2X is an essential part of the sensor suite for the Safety domain in new vehicles, and will be used beside radar, lidar, ultrasonic, and camera systems in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).