Autonomous Driving

The future of car innovation, V2X communications is an essential technology for autonomous vehicles

Current innovations in Automotive are particularly characterised by the vision of autonomous and automated driving, the number of inventions is higher than ever before, and the technical developments in the area of intelligent vehicle functions now account for the lion’s share of value creation in car manufacturing. Many years of development, and the introduction of a variety of active control and driver assistance systems, which have now reached maturity even in the mass markets, have resulted in massive technical progress and innovations in the area of sensors and actuators, which have now opened the door for the “Road to automated drive”.

Within longitudinal dynamics, for example, this would include the “ACC” and the "Automatic Braking System”, within lateral dynamics there is “Lane Keeping Assistance” as well as combined functions such as “Park Assistance” or the “Autobahn Pilot”

V2X communications is an essential technology for autonomous vehicles. Autonomous vehicles need reliable sensors to fulfil their potential. V2X is a wireless sensor system that allows vehicles to share their sensor data with other vehicles around them. As standard sensors such as radar, optical, ultrasonic and lidar are all line-of-sight, they can only detect visible risks. Cohda’s V2X technology is a non-line-of-sight sensor with 360-degree awareness.  It can detect hidden-from-view threats, so it can extend the horizon of awareness beyond what the driver can see. It’s critical that V2X systems are reliable, not only between two cars that are driving down a straight road, but also when two cars are approaching each other around blind corners, over the crests of hills, at highway speeds or when there are trucks between them.